Discover Your Dynamic Intelligence

The Development Academy is dedicated to measuring your entire thinking system. We measure how one emotionally reacts and cognitively reacts to the world around us. The more dynamic your thinking, the greater your capacity, and the greater range in your capability. It is the how and why we do something, not what we do.

We offer programmes and development days that bring to awareness those unconscious patterns we do not know are controlling us. If we are to ground this in psychological parlance, we are talking about meta-cognition and Constructivism. Each person undertakes the Thinking Quotient™ profile which gives us a score between 2 and 5. This tells us how your entire developmental system breaks down into your component preferences and how it all fits together to create YOU!

  • Organisational chaos reigned at my workplace. Darren introduced his theories, and we are on our way to resolving a lot of the organisational role mismatches.

  • When Dynamic Intelligence was explained to me, I wondered where I had heard it before... but I hadn't heard it before. Especially not in the self-constructivist context. It was fulfilling to learn. I mean develop.

    -Dr. Woods
  • I was looking for the next step. I have done a Master Practitioner in NLP and wanted to know what was next when the Development Academy gave a talk at a conference I attended. They know their stuff...

  • Using Dynamic Intelligence as the foundation for organisational growth is phenomenally more useful than complexity as we know what "dynamic" and "intelligence" means to us. Complexity doesn't create the same meaning...

  • Dynamic Intelligence is awesome. It makes so much sense when you consider HOW we construct ourselves in context...

  • I'd never heard of Dynamic Intelligence until I attended a course....