Individual Complexity

Is this person capable of thinking outside their own habituated patterns? Why is this important?

Role Complexity

How complex is the role? Does it require a level of thinking abstraction? Long term goals?

Organisational Culture

Does the person you're about to hire match the cultural and team-based values of your organisation?

Individual Thinking

Our thinking breaks down in to 50 useful facets. We measure the difference between these facets, and what that means for your thinking.

Beyond Psychometrics

Psychometrics give you a snapshot of the person in the here and now. They tell you nothing of their future capability or capacity!

The Research

The evidence for this system has been developed over the last 5 years and forms the basis of a PhD in Occupational Psychology.

Discover Your Developmental Level

The Development Academy is dedicated to measuring your entire thinking system. We measure how one emotionally reacts and how one cognitively reacts to the world around us. The more complex your thinking system, the greater your capacity, and  the greater range in your capability. It is how and why we do something, not what we do. It brings to awareness those unconscious patterns we do not know are controlling us. If we are to ground this in psychological parlance, we are talking about metacognition and Constructivism. Each person undertakes the Thinking Quotient™ profile which gives us a score between 2 and 5. This number tells us how your entire thinking system breaks down into its component parts, and how it all fits together to create YOU!

  • This is complexity
  • This is where you add value
  • Understanding Complexity
  • Levels of Complexity Disco

The Investment Part

We are the first to offer Vertical Development for your organisation
aligning people and roles. Forget MBTI!

  • Leadership Development
  • ££££
  • Per Day
  • 4 Leaders Program
  • Up to 8 Participants
  • All participants complete a profile
  • 6 Day Program
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  • Organisational Psychology
  • ORG ££££
  • Role Alignment
  • The TQ Way
  • All participants complete a profile
  • 6 Day Program
  • Organisational Development
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The Development Academy
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